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Be An Earthling.com Affiliate Products

Be An Earthling is striving to make our world a better place, with that goal in mind we have gathered a list of products that we have found to be environmentally safe and green. Please click the above picture to see the products.

Plant Trees

At Beanearthling.com we donate a seedling to the National Tree Forestry Service for every member who signs up. Together we can help replenish our forests. We would like to praise our sponsors for making our seedling program possible. Our sponsors (Sponsor List) generously donate money, so that we can ensure for every earthling registered a seedling is donated. This is a very important part of the site for us, and we are always looking for new sponsors. If you are interested in becoming a sponsor contact us at info@beanearthling.com

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It’s time for you to make a difference. That sounds good, but how can I make it happen. Here at BeanEarthling.com we want to provide a platform where you can express your ideas and concerns. We want you to create causes you are passionate about. Then you can have your friends join in and make your voice heard. At Beanearthling.com we want to help solve your cause by providing you with as many tools as possible. We believe it’s crazy to reinvent the wheel. So that’s why we want to provide as many organizations that have done the leg work for you. We are always looking for companies and organizations that could help and provide support for our earthlings. You can reach us at info@beanearthling.com

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Less Water

How do you go about greening your life? Let's have that conversation here at Be an Earthling. How do I start greening my life? We have many informative sections to get you started. We also value your input. We want to hear from you about your "green" experiences. Let us all know what is working and what is not. When we come together as consumers, we have all the power. As soon as we band together, we can navigate the new ever-growing selection of green products and services. Together we get to decide what direction the green wave is going to travel.

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