Meet 'n' Greet at Heathrow

  • The only measure is that, after reaching the airport simply drive the car and place the vehicle properly within the terminal. The entire procedure will take only two minutes. Sometimes the automobile is parked by the parking officials in a suitable space and you really do not need to have any responsibilities. The automobile will be parked for you in a safe space and brought back on your return.

    This kind of parking is ideal for those folks who are travelling with lots of heavy suitcase, travelling with youngsters or they only want a quick and easy service. It is a lot easier for the physically disabled passengers as it needs minimal movement since there's no getting on and off transfer busses.

    In these terminals we must drive merely on to the reception area (this will be in a slightly different place at every terminal), where we have to park the car in convenient and . fashion secured After parking the car, we must inform the officials as well as the item is reserved-in. Just after booking the damage checking on the whole body of the vehicle is done by officials.

    After the car has been checked in we can walk inside the terminal. It is assured that the automobile for every single passenger will soon be held under the tight security. After returning back from the holidays the automobiles can be received from the reception area.

    The car parking area that London Heathrow (LHR) Meet and Greet uses is really a highly secured area. It consists of many floodlights and is completely fenced.

    The reasons for choosing London Heathrow (LHR) Meet and Greet services are given below:
    1. It provides a fantastic value for money: Heathrow Meet and Greet parking offers a reasonable cost to all the clients substantially lesser than the airport self parking options. The standard car parking outside the airport is considerably more expensive.

    2. It'll take nearly an hour to park a car outside the airport but in case of Meet and Greet two or three minutes will do to complete the formalities.

    3. Highly safe car parking: The storage area of the airport terminals are highly restricted with 24 hours patrolling and CCTV cameras. It's essentially an enclosed area with lots of floodlights makes it easier for frequent monitoring. The parking places outside the airport aren't so secured.

    4. Private and professional approach : In Meet and Greet parking, every automobile is accumulated in a proper and friendly manner. The drivers hired for all these services are also well insured.


    6. This may be the responsibility of care officer to verify and check every corner of the terminals often and acts appropriately if required.

    The Heathrow Airport (LHR) Meet and Greet service was first introduced over several decades and since that time it provides a real value of service to the passengers daily along with the goodwill continues till today. This service consumes much lesser time to park the vehicle inside the airport terminals in comparison to the parking. Day by day this Meet and Greet parking became really popular especially in Europe as well as in Britain.

    It is truly one of the convenient and hassle free parking offers by different travel agent companies and this Meet and Greet Service of Heathrow is the selection of every customers.